Ben Here! For the Love of Following the Path of Inspiration

There are many times when life on life's terms means we have to defer our work on our art because we can't find time.  Or do we? Is it possible to live in the creative spirit and still handle the things our busy lives throw at us? The tools we have available make it possible to [...]

Ben Here! For The Love of Playing Shows with Friends

Ben Smith and Friends Dec 9th at the Highway 99 Blues Club Seattle. Marc Seales, Chuck Deardorf, Darrius Willrich and Jon Goforth. Tickets Online: Man, I woke up excited this morning about a night I have coming up. I get to do a gig with good friends, most of whom I've known for [...]

Ben Here! For The Love of Writing and Recording!

I'm sitting in the back of the tour bus writing this as we roll to the hotel. Tomorrow I go home for three days (although two of them are gig days), and it'll be so great to experience the end of summer in my beautiful town, Seattle. This time of year is really special, partly because [...]

Ben Here! Magical Musical World Tour

Royal Albert Hall as seen from the Drummer's Nest People all over the planet love to experience live music. I’ve seen it, felt it, and loved them back. Heart is gigging a run of shows in the UK this week.  After arriving in London a couple of days ago, it has been very clear to [...]

Ben Here: Connecting Through Drum Clinics

Drum clinics are so fun to do when I know I'm reaching out to people and they're reaching back. Engaging with folks who want to see what you bring to your art is really important, and drum clinics are an example of when our musicality and ability to connect are needed most. Giving clinic attendees [...]

Man, it’s been a busy year already! (Part 2 of 2)

( Continued from previous post...) After a busy first few months of 2016, I leapt onto The Ann Wilson Thing for another week of shows around the northeast US.  We played Harrisburg, PA a couple of nights ago, now onto West Hampton, NY, Ridgefield, CT, and Annapolis, MD. Next we have shows around the US and then [...]

Seattle Wave Radio Features Ben Smith in Inaugural Podcast “Houston”

Dave Mark and Raymond Hayden interviewed Ben from his Seattle Studio for their inaugural podcast "Houston" last week. You can click HERE to hear it now, or listen to the podcast on Seattle Wave Radio at 5:30 PM (PST) tonight (Nov 2)! Ben talks about the upcoming Nov. 4th DreamWreck show, touring with Heart and the Ann Wilson [...]

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