Ben Here! For the Love of Feeling It!

How expressive is music? It's so expressive that it can make you cry, make you laugh, work up your anger or calm you down when things go wrong. I'll never forget when I heard, "When Something's Wrong With My Baby, Something's Wrong With Me". The truth is that those of us who love listening to [...]

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Ben Here: The Power of Belief!

I have had some really fun days in my life, and some occurred recently with Ben Smith Music Company while on tour with Heart. After a couple of very busy and stressful months, I asked my business partner, Valda Sarty, for help getting the word out about what we are doing in Ben Smith Music [...]

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Ben Smith Music Company – a Place to Create and Grow (Part 1 of 3)

When my heart is captured by the beauty of a line of lyric, a melody aimed at my heart, or a performance filled with the fire of creation, I remember all over again why I love music so much. I live for those moments, and I think many artists, musicians, writers and creative talent do [...]

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