Roadcase Royale Video Premieres in Rolling Stone Magazine Featuring Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield Check It Out

Ben's new band ROADCASE ROYALE was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine with an exclusive release of their video for their song "Get Loud!". ROADCASE ROYALE is led by Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield, with Ben Smith, Chris Joyner, Ryan Waters, and Dan Rothchild. You can read the full article Rolling Stone Magazine features "Get Loud" by Roadcase Royale [...]

From the Drummer’s Nest – The Ann Wilson Thing

Our next foray into TAWT shows is coming right up, with an Arizona/California run that will be a blast! For me, the big take-away of playing with The Ann Wilson Thing is not only the opportunity to perform with Ann Wilson, a world-class vocal artist fronting the band and making it all happen, but also how fun [...]

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