New Songwriter Toni Saddler-French Records with Ben Smith at London Bridge Studio

Ben Smith, Tom Hall, Daniel Christopherson Ben Smith recently played two drum tracks for Toni Saddler-French at London Bridge Studio– they were the first two songs she’s ever written. Tom Hall of Earworks Audio was the studio engineer, and one of her guitar teachers, Daniel Christopherson of Purple Treehouse Recording, was producer for the session. [...]

Studio Mayhem with Carl Funk and his new CD Black Horizon, “Hell Can’t Wait/ Party at the Lime Pit”

We recently had the pleasure of recording with Carl Funk on his new CD Black Horizon as well as this fun video for the song "Hell Can't Wait / Party at the Lime Pit." Hell Can't Wait / Party at the Lime Pit from Carl Funk on Vimeo. Featured in the video and on the CD are [...]

Ben Here! For the Love of Drumming!

From the ancient past when drumming was used as a medium for communication of messages and alerts, to the current day usage of supporting songs live and in the studio, there have been drummers and rhythm artists. We are fascinated by rhythm, creating our own rhythm songs and grooves, and providing musical art to move [...]

Ben Here! The Art and Technology of a Recording Studio – Part 2

BSMC Studio So……'ve decided to move ahead with a recording, and you're wondering what to expect.  Last weeks blog talked about the first step of getting together with your producer or engineer to discuss expectations and learn about the process. In that discussion I like to cover the details of the music.  These [...]

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Ben Here! Ben Smith Music Studio: The Art and Technology of a Recording Studio – Part 1

Many of the music projects I personally work on are recorded at my studio in Seattle. Creating this space where I am able to craft the musical pieces in which I play and perform, along with recording and producing all types of musical and audio clients, in many different formats, gives me tremendous satisfaction. These formats [...]

Seattle Wave Radio Features Ben Smith in Inaugural Podcast “Houston”

Dave Mark and Raymond Hayden interviewed Ben from his Seattle Studio for their inaugural podcast "Houston" last week. You can click HERE to hear it now, or listen to the podcast on Seattle Wave Radio at 5:30 PM (PST) tonight (Nov 2)! Ben talks about the upcoming Nov. 4th DreamWreck show, touring with Heart and the Ann Wilson [...]

Recording at Nightbird Studios in Los Angeles for The Ann Wilson Thing

I had a REALLY fun day recording "For What It's Worth" which is on The Ann Wilson Thing's upcoming release.... I flew in to Los Angeles at around 9:30am (oooo, 6am flight) to get to the fantastic Nightbird Studios in West Hollywood.  I was met by the handsome and talented Greg Crane from Yamaha drums.  [...]