New Video from Roadcase Royale, “Cover Each Other”

Roadcase Royale, the new band led by Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield, with Ben Smith, Ryan Waters, Dan Rothchild, and Chris Joyner, have released a new video for their song "Cover Each Other", from the album First Things First. Check it out!

New Songwriter Toni Saddler-French Records with Ben Smith at London Bridge Studio

Ben Smith, Tom Hall, Daniel Christopherson Ben Smith recently played two drum tracks for Toni Saddler-French at London Bridge Studio– they were the first two songs she’s ever written. Tom Hall of Earworks Audio was the studio engineer, and one of her guitar teachers, Daniel Christopherson of Purple Treehouse Recording, was producer for the session. [...]

Ben Here! For The Love of Drum Tuning and Drum Tones!

As long as I've been playing, I've realized the importance of tuning, maintaining and protecting my instruments. Playing music is the most fun I know how to have, and knowing how to take care of the gear is one of the things that helps me sound my best. As time has gone on, I've learned [...]

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Ben Here! For the Love of Recording with Heart & The Ann Wilson Thing!

There's nothing like showing up at a world-famous recording studio and knowing that fun music will happen! One of the things that inspires me the most is working on good songs with talented writers, engineers, and performers.  The thrill that comes from knowing that I get to do what I love is what motivates me [...]