Check It, ROADCASE ROYALE Featured in Guitar World, Interview with Nancy Wilson

Roadcase Royale—a new band fronted by Heart co-founder Nancy Wilson and former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield—has a background that’s rich in rock and R&B. The band also includes Ryan Waters, Warfield’s lead guitarist and musical director, and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (drums) and Chris (keyboards).    

Roadcase Royale Video Premieres in Rolling Stone Magazine Featuring Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield Check It Out

Ben's new band ROADCASE ROYALE was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine with an exclusive release of their video for their song "Get Loud!". ROADCASE ROYALE is led by Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield, with Ben Smith, Chris Joyner, Ryan Waters, and Dan Rothchild. You can read the full article Rolling Stone Magazine features "Get Loud" by Roadcase Royale [...]

Ben Here! For the Love of Following the Path of Inspiration

There are many times when life on life's terms means we have to defer our work on our art because we can't find time.  Or do we? Is it possible to live in the creative spirit and still handle the things our busy lives throw at us? The tools we have available make it possible to [...]

Ben Here! For the Love of Doing what we Love

It has been an amazing and thought-provoking New Year. I'm grateful, happy and inspired about life these days, it's so cool to be present enough to realize it. Realize, you know, to; 1. become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly 2. cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen I think about my [...]

Ben Here! For the Love of Feeling It!

How expressive is music? It's so expressive that it can make you cry, make you laugh, work up your anger or calm you down when things go wrong. I'll never forget when I heard, "When Something's Wrong With My Baby, Something's Wrong With Me". The truth is that those of us who love listening to [...]

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Ben Here! For The Love of Playing Shows with Friends

Ben Smith and Friends Dec 9th at the Highway 99 Blues Club Seattle. Marc Seales, Chuck Deardorf, Darrius Willrich and Jon Goforth. Tickets Online: Man, I woke up excited this morning about a night I have coming up. I get to do a gig with good friends, most of whom I've known for [...]

Ben Here! For the Love Of the Musicians In My Life…

For the Love of Musicians in My Life I have had an amazing ride throughout my career.  Through the ups and downs, the fatigue, stress and the fulfillment, I know performing is a huge part of who I am. It's so gratifying to be able to make music with talented people. To borrow [...]

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Ben Here! For the Love of Drumming!

From the ancient past when drumming was used as a medium for communication of messages and alerts, to the current day usage of supporting songs live and in the studio, there have been drummers and rhythm artists. We are fascinated by rhythm, creating our own rhythm songs and grooves, and providing musical art to move [...]

Ben Here! For the Love of Friends!

I can't speak highly enough of the friends I've made during my travels playing music.  All the musicians, the back line techs, the audio, lighting and video techs and drivers, the caterers, the production people and the fans have supported me and helped me over the years. When I get tired or lonely on the [...]

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