nitebirdlogoI had a REALLY fun day recording “For What It’s Worth” which is on The Ann Wilson Thing’s upcoming release….

I flew in to Los Angeles at around 9:30am (oooo, 6am flight) to get to the fantastic Nightbird Studios in West Hollywood.  I was met by the handsome and talented Greg Crane from Yamaha drums.  I fed the man, and we proceeded to set up the sweetest drums I’ve ever played!

A recording session often takes a long time to set up (mics, stands, mixer details) but it’s worth it because when we start playing the song we want the technical details straight and all the gear to work!

The other guys in the band (Dan Rothchild, Craig Bartock and Chris Joyner) showed up and got set up.  We got the bass, keyboard  and drum sounds settled first,  then jumped right into recording the drums, keys and bass.

We found that a kind of Latin groove reminiscent of Sympathy for the Devil was a good fit for the song and after running one down, we recorded it and kept that take!!

Ann Wilson was there to sing with us, and after Dan and I got the drums and bass down we listened, loved it and fixed a couple of little details.  Craig finished part in his home studio, mixed it there and it was done.

I had the chance to cut that song in about an hour, and was on a plane that evening for home.  A terrific day, and a productive one!